Construction Management Solutions

Every project is not built alike. Different project sizes and scopes require customized solutions. We tailor our services to meet the risk tolerance of the lender combined with the complexity of the construction asset. Finding the right balance between program marketability and risk takes deep expertise in understanding the pre-close and post-close construction lending process. Select one or all of our Construction Management Solutions and we’ll create a customized solution that solves complex challenges. FNFC will navigate the risk mitigation process with you allowing you to focus on what you do best – originate.

60% of construction risks pre-exist the loan closing – Don’t go into the project with an unqualified contractor and/or deficient project. We’ll help you get to know the Builder and Project one step at a time.

PRE-Close Services

Builder Validation

Helping you connect the dots

When lending outside of your local market, it’s impossible to know every Builder on a hand shake basis. FNFC’s Builder Validation services provide a comprehensive review of the Builder’s qualifications including:

  • Credit Check
  • Subcontractor, Supplier & Client References
  • General Contractor’s Valid Licensing
  • Background and Experience Confirmation for Project Type
  • Commercial General Liability Insurance & Worker’s Compensation Verification
  • Criminal Background Check
  • Identity Confirmation
We’ll help you connect the dots so you have the confidence the Builder is qualified to construct the project from start to finish.

Project Feasibility

The #1 reason for failure is a bad budget

The #1 reason for a failed construction loan is a bad budget. We offer a comprehensive review of all construction documents to ensure that you are lending sufficient funds to complete the asset. A detailed cost analysis identifies front-loading, budget shortfalls and missing construction components confirming the project can be completed within budget. Before we make a Project Feasibility Recommendation, we’ll review the following documents in detail:

  • Budget
  • Construction Contract
  • Plans & Specifications
  • Permits
  • Engineering Reports
  • Construction Schedule

We offer both a full and limited review to support your needs based upon the project’s size and scope. Let us customize a review process for you to deliver an asset that is completed within budget and on-time.

POST-Close Services

Draw Fund Control Disbursement Management

Risk vs. Program Marketability

The balance between risk and program marketability is crucial to a lender’s overall success. When you balance those two aspects combined with a customer service focus, you develop a winning strategy. Too many service providers only focus on risk and treat all builders the same. We leverage our 35 years of expertise to create custom solutions that build lifetime clients. After all, not all builders and projects are created equal so why should you treat them as such?

  • Budget Balancing and Reconciliation
  • Lien Waiver Collection in Accordance with State Specific Statutes
  • Change Order/Cost Overrun Management
  • Materials Deposit Oversight
  • Order and Review Site Visit confirming Completed Work
  • Monitor Commercial General Liability and Worker’s Compensation Expirations
  • Recommend Disbursement Amounts
Let us manage the construction lending complexities so you can focus on what you do best – originate.

Risk and Dashboard Reporting

Custom Dashboard Reports

Most problems develop well in advance of a project going sideways. It’s important to have the tools and resources available to proactively identify if a project is delayed, overfunded or liens exist. FNFC offers risk reporting such as Inactivity, Maturity and Variance Reports. Custom dashboard reports ensure we continuously meet our service level agreements and deliver astounding customer service.